More Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits by the Employment Security Commission

by Josh Levy 1. November 2010 09:03

Here is a follow up to a earlier post regarding the overpayment of unemployment benefits that has been occurring by the North Carolina Employment Security Commission.  Below is a link to a new story stating that the Employment Security Commission has overpaid even more benefits than previously reported.

Individuals are not being required to repay the overpayment of benefits to which they were not legally entitled to receive.  However, this is a good time for companies to double check their accounts with the Employment Security Commission to be sure that they are being charged (1) the appropriate amount and percentage of unemployment insurance premiums; and (2) their “banked balance” of premiums paid versus claims that have been paid out.

For many small companies, unemployment insurance premiums can be a significant business cost, and given the improper overpayment of benefits that has occurred, it is important to make sure that your company’s account with the North Carolina Employment Security Commission is correct and up to date.

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